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  1. All application must be filled out and signed by the applicant on all pages of the application.
  2. A separate application is required for all adults, 18 years and older, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Applicants may be required to be approved by a condo/homeowners association and may have to pay an additional application fee.
  4. A processing fee in cash, cashier's check, money order or credit card must accompany each application. NO APPLICATION WILL BE PROCESSED WITHOUT A PROCESSING FEE.
  5. Reliable documentation and telephone numbers for all income must be provided, no exceptions.
  6. Photo documentation (driver's license, military ID or state ID) is required
  7. All intended occupants must be listed below.
  8. You must disclose ALL pets, vehicles of any nature and water filled furniture on this application.


  1. The processing fees in NON-REFUNDABLE.
  2. Pets must be approved by the lessor.
  3. If you have water filled furniture, you must supply the lessor with proof ofinsurance.FS83.535.
  4. When approved, a holding deposit must be paid within one (1) business day in order to hold the property and refuse other applicants. If applicant defaults on renting the property at the agreed time, the holding deposit will be forfeited.
  5. Prior to move in, all monies owed must be paid in full with CERTIFIED FUNDS (cashier's check or money order) PRIOR TO RENTING.

*I, the Undersigned Applicant, affirm the information contained in this two page application is true and correct and authorized Home Seekers, Inc. and Landlord to verify all information contained in this application. Misstatements, either false or incorrect shall be deemed reason for denial of occupancy. I understand due to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I will not be furnished a copy of my credit report from Home Seekers, Inc. nor Landlord. I understand that the information obtained from this application will be turned over to the Landlord and that the final decision for acceptance or denial rests with the landlord. I understand this application is the property of the Landlord and HomeSeekers, Inc.

List names (First & Last) and ages of all prospective tenants, including yourself:

*Primary Occupant Name: DOB (mm/dd/yy):
2nd Occupant Name: DOB (mm/dd/yy):
3rd Occupant Name: DOB (mm/dd/yy):
4th Occupant Name: DOB (mm/dd/yy):
5th Occupant Name: DOB (mm/dd/yy):
6th Occupant Name: DOB (mm/dd/yy):
7th Occupant Name: DOB (mm/dd/yy):
8th Occupant Name: DOB (mm/dd/yy):

Applicant Information

*Full name:

Address (full address):

Day phone (w/area code):

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*Date of birth (mm/dd/yy):

*Social Security Number:

*Drivers license number:

*Drivers licence state:

Email address:

Current Residence

*Present Street Address: *City:


*State: *Zip code:


*Landlord/Owner Phone Number:

Rent Amount:

Rented from: To:

Was 30 days notice given?:   Yes No     When?:

Reason for Leaving:

Former Residence

Former Street Address: City:


State: Zip code:

Landlord/Owner: Phone Number:

Rent Amount:

Rented from: To:

Was 30 days notice given?:   Yes No     When?:

Reason for Leaving:

Current Employment

Current employer: Phone number:

Supervisor: Your position:

Employed from: To:

Full Time: Part Time:     Salary: per:

Former Employment

Former employer: Phone number:

Supervisor: Your position:

Employed from: To:

Full Time: Part Time:     Salary: per:

Vehicle Information

Year, make, and model: License:

Do you have any RV, boat, trailers? If so, please list type and license plate:

Please Answer the Following

Do you have any pets?:   Yes No     If so, how many?: What type?:

Are you a smoker?:   Yes No    

Will you have any water filled furniture?:   Yes No    
If so, please specify:

Have you ever declared bankruptcy:   Yes No    
If so, when?:

Have you ever been evicted?:   Yes No    
If so, please specify?:

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?:   Yes No    
If so, please specify?:

Have you ever been convicted of a misdermenor?:   Yes No    
If so, please specify?:

Have you ever refused to pay rent?:   Yes No    
If so, when and why?:

Billing Information

Check with your the agent/owner regarding the reports they require:

Credit and Eviction Report == $35.00
National Criminal Report [The National Database for Sex Offender, Criminal History, Office of Foreign Assets (OFAC) Watch List, Federal Terrorist, and Most Wanted List.] == $35.00
Employment Income and Landlord Verification == $35.00
All of the above == $75.00
Add Spouse (Married Couple Only) == $25.00

The total amount can be paid now by credit card, or later by calling our office. By filling in credit information, the applicant authorizes Tompkins Management Company to charge the credit card:

Pay Online
Pay by Phone (if selected, you may leave the rest of this section blank)

*First Name

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Street address, P.O. box, company name, c/o

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Apartment, suite, unit, building, floor, etc.

*City, State, Zip

* Phone Number
* Credit Card Number
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American express/Discover/Visa/Mastercard

*Expiration Date

*Card Security Code Validation Number

* On American express & Discover & Visa & Mastercard, the 3 digit code on back of the card.


The applicant hereby consents to and authorizes the Landlord's investigation into the credit worthiness of the Applicant. Such consent and authorization is given with respect to any and all persons who may conduct an investigation of the Applicant's credit worthiness on behalf of the Landlord, including independent contractors and credit agencies retained by Landlord for such purpose.

Applicant grants such consent and authorization to Landlord for the period commencing as of the date of this application and terminating at the date set for the termination of the proposed lease. Applicant acknowledges that Landlord may conduct a credit investigation of Applicant at any time from the date hereof up to the ending date.

This applicant hereby waives any and all claims, past, present or future, which the Applicant may have against the Landlord by reason of any credit investigation made pursuant to Applicant's consent and authorization herein given to the Landlord.

We are not responsible for withdrawal, approval of tenant by landlord, or change in price without notice. If for any reason the landlord cannot deliver possession of the premise to the tenant, there shall be no liability for any expense caused by such delay or termination.

* Digital Signature: to sign this agreement, enter your full legal name below:

Before you click Submit, please select "File" then "Print" from the menu bar, sign the printed copy on the line below and fax this application to 954-582-2818.



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