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How It Works

  • Send your application.
  • We run a national eviction and credit report.
  • We run them through a National Criminal Database.
  • We verify income and previous landlord history.
  • An Adverse letter is sent if the applicants fail the criteria.
  • We provide you with copies of the reports.
  • You make the final decision.


  • This is a FREE service provided to Owners & Agents, the tenant pays the application fee.
  • It is fast and easy. Screen your Tenants in a few hours.
  • We have screened 1000s of tenants since 1977.
  • We attract and retain the most qualified tenants.
  • Limits your exposure to costly lawsuits and fair housing complaints.
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Tompkins Management Company provides agents and owners a turn-key tenant screening solution. To learn more, contact our office 954-782-5500

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